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One of the inspirations for this blog

Being referred as a resource for information can certainly be an ego-booster.

About 2 months ago, a co-worker sent me an email from a friend who was enrolled in a college IT management course. The friend was assigned a class project to create a project proposal to act as a consultant to advise an agency who had been burned in a poorly managed software development contract. The class project asked for a report on the proposal to use a PM to bring the project back on track, and to develop a budget and Gantt chart.

My co-worker didn’t know anything about formal project management, but she knew I did, so she sent the information to me. I spent two hours or so creating a framework of a plan for how to tackle the assignment, and provided advice to the student.

Two weeks ago, the student reached back out to me with a bunch more questions about the class assignment, which was due at the end of that week. Over the course of the day, with emails back and forth, she was able to sort out a direction to head with building the proposal.

On Friday, last week, I got an email from her, informing me that she had gotten an ‘A’ on the project. I just reviewed it, and while it’s a little light on specifics, owing to the nature of the class project, it’s more coherent than a lot of the proposals I’ve seen floated around the office.

Working on the advice definitely solidified my belief that I actually know something about project management, and is driving me on to getting the PMP in the Spring.

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