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Executing Process Group

It’s late on a Sunday night, and I’m looking over the list of activities for the Executing Process Group (Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep 6th Edition, 43). Unlike with the Initiating and Planning process groups, there is no clear line of logic with these steps. Maybe because it’s late, or maybe because every project is different, and the execution takes a different path every time.

I have to say, I love the first task: ‘execute the work according to the PM plan’ (Mulcahy 43). Great. Thanks for that clarifying statement. Or the regular refrain from the guy who lead my first PM course, 2 years ago: “Plan the work, then work the plan!”

Like the rest of the groups, it’s fairly clear that the activities are lumped into categories. Actually, the categories coincide with the upcoming chapters. The first section is integration management, which entails integrating the work of the whole team into an outcome. This includes ‘executing the work according to the PM plan’. It also includes staying within the defined project scope.

The second section is quality management. Yes, some of this will come back to haunt us in the Monitoring and Controlling process group, but quality management needs to take place at the time of executing. Quality audits can occur. Processes can be performed, and improved. This will make the monitoring piece go a whole lot smoother.

Third is Human Resource management. People are doing the executing, so managing the worker-bees falls under the Executing stage. Evaluting their performance, praising them for a job welldone and incentivizing them to work harder. Working with them to identify issues and tracking them to avoid risks.

Finally, there is vendor management. Hey, if you have to manage the internal worker bees, you have to manage the folks at the outsourcing company who are managing their worker bees, right? Having just wrapped up a project that was 6 weeks late, in part because the vendor didn’t finish all of their work on time, I can attest that the vendor can be as critical as the internal staff.

Also, sprinkled throughout the list of steps are communications. Meetings, emails, status reports, risk assessments from weekly team meetings.

The short summary of this phase, which is proving incredibly hard to summarize, is that if a task involves producing anything that was already on the project plan, it’s in the execution process group. If it’s making sure the project is on time, on scope and on budget, it’s in the next process group: monitoring and controlling.


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